From the beginning of the Time4Sustainable Development project we set out to identify the extent to which enterprises are embedding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their working practices - how they are going about this and how they are developing their employees in the agenda.

An additional and important focus of our research was to identify relevant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes that support the development of the SDGs within businesses.

The Partners used a combination of four research instruments (desk research; best practices analysis; survey; and interviews) to ensure the validity and reliability of the collected information for the current report.

This report summarises and presents the main insights and opinions of 122 corporate and adult education representatives who took part in the online survey and interviews in the 6 partner countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and the UK.

We also looked to identify the most effective ways of engaging companies in both our research activities and, for the future, in piloting and testing the approaches we are developing to support the embedding of pertinent SDGs in the working practices of their employees.

Here is the report of our findings and proposed engagement strategy.